Oh So Jolly Rancher Lei
Oh So Jolly Rancher Lei
Oh So Jolly Rancher Lei

Oh So Jolly Rancher Lei

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150 pieces of Jolly Ranchers accented with curlee-q ribbon in red, purple, melon, kiwi, and turquoise. 

Introducing our beautiful handmade candy lei, a perfect addition to any celebration or occasion. Each lei is carefully crafted with 150 pieces of delicious Jolly Rancher candies tied to a high-quality satin ribbon, creating a stunning and unique accessory.

Whether you're celebrating a graduation, birthday, or simply looking for a fun and unique gift, our candy lei is sure to delight. Its vibrant colors and delicious candy flavors will make it a hit with everyone who sees it.

Our candy lei is an excellent choice for adding a touch of sweetness to any event, from graduations, weddings and baby showers to corporate events and fundraisers.

So why wait? Order your handmade candy lei today and experience the joy and delight of this beautiful and delicious accessory!

When ordering candy leis, please take into account busy seasons such as graduation and account for this and shipping times so that we can accommodate your order. Ideally, please order your leis at least two weeks prior to the date that you need them.

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